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Lightcast.com Release Notes for September 2017

Lightcast.com Release Notes for September 2017
We are excited to announce the release of many great features, improvements and products.
For previous release notes, visit our release page: http://support.lightcast.com/019256-Release-Notes
Lightcast Player Improvements for Mobile Devices
The interface of the Lightcast Player has been overhauled when displayed on mobile devices with smaller screens. These improvements makes accessing all of the features of the Lightcast Player easier on smaller screens, especially when using touch control on capacitive devices like smartphones.
“Added” Date in Media Archive
When viewing your list of content in your Media Archive, we now display the date you added it to your Lightcast account.

Itunes Podcast Feed Changes
We changed the name that appears in the iTunes author, iTunes name, and copyright tags in our podcast feeds according to the platform’s new guidelines.  Instead of the name using the first name and last name from the Lightcast.com account it will now use the Organization name.  If the Organization name is not available then the first name and last name will be used.

Broadcast Window changes
We have replaced the screenshots showing how to stream using Flash Media Live Encoder with similar screenshots from OBS Encoder software - the free software encoder we recommend over FMLE. We also included some more tips such as the preferred “Sample Rate” in Step 2 and Step 3, a link to our recommended hardware and software encoders, etc.  
App Specs form updates
Some of the App forms have been updated to meet changes to requirements of the various different publishing platforms your account can be connected to as well as some improvements were made in the submission process of the App forms.  
Featured ConnectedTV Channel of the Month:
FOODYTV - Roku Channel
A next generation food network for the "Everyday Chef".
FoodyTV is not only revolutionizing how chefs and our amazing viewers are connecting over the food content they love, we are championing the movement to democratize the entire cooking and food media landscape.

Lightcast also welcomes the following clients with their recently launched Roku, AndroidTV, FireTV and AppleTV Apps: PWX Wrestling, Creare Media, Liberty One, David Heavener, Believe TV, Vienna Christian Center, ITV Nigeria, Lord of Hosts Church, Faith Chapel, First Metropolitan Church