How often do mid-roll video ads play?
Per default, mid-roll video ads from ad networks are played every 900 seconds. ... more
When can we expect to receive the payout from our ad revenue?
Ad revenue is paid out quarterly. Should your revenue be less than $10, it will ... more
Can we decide which VOD Channel should be used for advertising on another VOD Channel?
Yes, you can specify which one of your VOD Channel should be used as Ad-Serving-... more
Can we mix our own ads with external ads?
Not in one and the same feed. It is not possible to merge internal and external ... more
Is it possible to switch ad feeds?
Yes, we can activate and deactivate the integration of ad feeds and switch out ... more
Can we set up video ad rotations based on a specific percentage?
Yes, we can set a proportional weighting between campaigns in order to achieve a... more
Where do I see viewing stats for video ads?
The simple answer: at the source. If your Lightcast Account is the source of vid... more