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I can't connect to Lightcast's Servers. What could be the reason and what can I do?

Your stream is being transmitted through many different routing points on its way from your location to your selected entry point in the Lightcast server network. The most likely reason is that there is an issue on this route locally in your area or somewhere along the route between your streaming location and the closest Lightcast entry point, or one of our CDN’s datacenters is down temporarily.

Lightcast provides redundancy tools in order for your stream still broadcasting if there is a server issue on our end: If you have enough upload bandwidth to broadcast 2 streams, you can add a second FMS URL as Backup URL to your live streaming encoder. It gives you more stability when streaming your LIVE events, but only if your available upload bandwidth is 50% higher than the total amount of required video and audio bitrate together. If you have enough upload bandwidth, please use the second closest FMS URL as Backup URL. This way the stream connects automatically to the second closest server datacenter if your primary selected entry point is down or has issues.

You can find the FMS URLs in your Lightcast.com account by going to your “control center” and by clicking on your live channel. This directs you to the “Live Streaming Event Manager”. Please click on “Broadcast”. There you will find different streaming locations (FMS URLs) you can choose from.  

If there is still an issue although you have set up a backup stream, please check on the route and on possible routing issues from your location to our servers, by opening a "Terminal" window on Mac or in Windows go to Start > All Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt, or similar, depending on the version of Windows you're using. Type "traceroute" or "tracert" (depending on your operating system) followed by a space and the server name. The server name can be found in your FMS URL after "rtmp://", so it can be one of these:

  • North America / East: rtmp://us-east.live.lightcast.com/202E1F/default
  • North America / West: rtmp://us-west.live.lightcast.com/202E1F/default
  • Europe / Amsterdam: rtmp://europe.live.lightcast.com/202E1F/default
  • Europe / Frankfurt: rtmp://europe-fra.live.lightcast.com/202E1F/default
  • Europe / Stockholm: rtmp://europe-sto.live.lightcast.com/202E1F/default
  • Asia / Hong Kong: rtmp://asia.live.lightcast.com/202E1F/default
  • Australia / Sydney: rtmp://australia.live.lightcast.com/202E1F/default

A * in the traceroute output usually indicated the router which has a temporary issue. You are welcome to send this output to customercare[at]lightcast.com for further analysis. If the traceroute shows a routing problem or displays a server response issue in the last item of the displayed list, then you can switch to one of the other entry points/FMS URLs listed above at anytime to bypass the problem. If you are using the cdn01.net URL we recommend to upgrade to Lightcast’s high-performance, high-availability CDN free of charge. Please contact customercare[at]lightcast.com and mention the free upgrade to Lightcast’s high-performance, high-availability CDN for live streaming