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Activate/Deactivate Media

Many of our clients appreciate the easy-to-use Lightcast interfaces and the flexibility of the Media Management System to fully control uploaded media and live streams, as well as the delivery to publishing platforms. Today, we would like to point out a feature which allows you to set selected VOD assets inactive for the purpose of delaying a public release, or to simply hide media on your connected platforms.

Per default, new VOD or AOD assets are set to active when uploaded, but do not show up on any of your connected properties (players and apps) unless you assign them to a published VOD Channel. Once you assigned an on-demand file to a VOD or AOD Channel (which you can do during the upload process with the web-uploader, or at any time after the upload), you can use the “deactivate” function to set your on-demand files (audio or video) to inactive and as a result hide it from your publishing platforms. Simply go to your "Media Archives” in your Lightcast account, or click on the Channel you assigned the media to. When moving your mouse over the video or audio file in any playlist, 4 action buttons (icons) appear upon hovering. The third icon which looks like an on/off button button sets your media active or inactive when clicked. 

 Setting a video or audio file to “inactive” is a quick and easy solution if you would like to remove media from your connected properties (players and apps) with a single click without removing the actual VOD or AOD file from your account. 

 Alternatively you can change the channel assignment for any video or audio file to unpublish the file from a specific VOD or AOD Channel, or you can use the “Scheduled Publishing” feature. Click here to get more info about “Delayed & Scheduled On-Demand Publishing”. 


How to set media to active/inactive: