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Why are my Video Minutes not credited to my account?

The only reason why video minutes would not be added to your account is because of payment issues with your credit card. When the payment couldn't be processed because of your credit card being expired or not updated, the video minutes won't be added to your account. Since the payment system is fully automated and connected to the video minutes accounting, the monthly or annual minutes can only be added when a successful payment has been made. As soon the payment went through, your video minutes will be credited to your account.

There is an extensive grace period during which clients receive email notifications and alerts inside their accounts about payment bounces, which gives plenty of time to submit correct credit card information. This can be done through your Lightcast.com account under "Invoices". On the very right side of the page you will see your subscriptions and the credit card belonging to it. By clicking on the "Change" button, you will be able to update your card information.