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What can we do if our live-encoder disconnects from the CDN frequently?

Please make sure to check following: 

1. WiFi in the sanctuary: never allow anyone to be on the same network, pulling from the same bandwidth, as your live-encoder.

2. It is mandatory for your live-encoder to use an exclusive internet connection – one that is not used by any other device.

3. If you are using a self-built software encoder - make sure that the input resolution is not higher than the output resolution. (only professional encoders can handle the realtime downsizing of a stream’s resolution, due to enormous CPU demand).

4. Try to lower the bitrate to 500kb or less if your encoder disconnects from the access point frequently.

5. Check if your encoder has a time-out configuration.

6. Switch between ingestion points.

7. Send the server URL of the CDN’s access points to your ISP. It is important that your ISP allows your signal to flow freely and without disconnections to your selected access point of the CDN.

8. CPU power: if you are using a professional input hardware/capture card (such as Blackmagic products), please note that your encoder should be of the same pro-grade level. The higher your input resolution and bitrate, the greater the demands on your encoder’s CPU resources.

9. If you are using both the Primary and Backup Server URL, please remove the Backup URL option (cuts the required bandwidth in half) and check if that improves the stability of the stream.