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How do I send my live stream to Facebook?

The Facebook Live Streaming feature can be found on the Channel Manager pages for Live Channels when clicking on “Add Live Event”.
Once selected, a pop-up window will appear with the request to login to your Faceboook account. Simply sign into your Facebook account and choose who you want to share your stream with. If you manage multiple Pages in Facebook, you can also choose which page to publish your stream to.  Once your Lightcast account is connected with your Facebook account, add the live event name, begin/end time, and select recurring event time, if you wish to broadcast your event on a recurring basis. (The system limitation is 26 weeks to facilitate user-friendly load times. If you want to broadcast a particular event longer than this time-frame, simply add another event to begin at a future time.)  
If you are not encoding a "live" stream for this feed, you can use the optional drop-down menu to select a video from your Media Archive to share as a simulated live stream. Once the stream is live, you will see a live player on your Facebook timeline (Facebook’s own live player), broadcasting your stream. 
Please note that publishing live streams to Facebook is purely at Facebook's courtesy and discretion. Unlike publishing to your own website and apps, publishing to Facebook is not a right, but merely a possibility as long as these sites allow it. All streams go through reviews and through an approval process before going live. We have seen an increasing number of live streams from Christian organizations aborted, blocked and simple censored. 

Restarting your encoder may sometimes trigger a new approval process which may end up in front of a different reviewer who may let the stream go live.