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We would like to play a pre-roll video ad in front of our videos. Is that possible?

Yes, that is possible. There are basically 3 options you can choose from, depending on your goals: 

Option 1: All uploaded videos should play a pre-roll video ad
Pre-roll Video Ads will be served from a dedicated special VOD Channel in your Lightcast account, and served via our AdServer. You can choose, on which publishing properties you would like to run the video ad on. E.g. you can run it on your ConnectedTV Apps and/or on your embedded website player.  This option is only recommendable if all your published videos should play a pre-roll video ad.

Please keep in mind that the video ad(s) should not be longer than 60 seconds.

Option 2: Only a selection of videos should play a pre-roll video ad
In this case, we recommend to upload your video ad to your Lightcast account, and assign it to any of your VOD Channels. Within the VOD Channel’s playlist, you can move the video ad up and down to choose the perfect position. E.g. if you would like the video ad to be played before the video XY, you need to move the video ad to that position, making sure it will be played just before the video XY.

Disadvantage: Viewers can click on any video in your VOD Channel Playlist and skip your video ads.

Alternative solution: We can turn your VOD Channel into a 24/7 continuous loop with the "VOD-to-LIVE" feature, to avoid viewers skipping your video ads. The VOD-to-LIVE feature instantly turns a VOD playlist into a linear continuous stream which viewers "cut into" whenever they load the player/app at the point the playlist is currently at - giving them the impression of watching "live television". The stream starts from the top of the playlist every midnight Eastern Time and you can change the videos and their order in the playlist at any time. More info at: http://support.lightcast.com/817633-How-does-the-VOD-to-LIVE-continuous-loop-work

Option 3: Video ads integration via your editing software                                                                             
As an alternative solution to Option 1 + 2, you can choose to add the video ad during the editing process of your video(s). Your video editor will be able to integrate the video ad in front of your videos and export them all together. The disadvantage is, that with this option you won’t have much flexibility with adding and removing video ads, as it lays all in the hand of your video editor. Changes need to be done in the video editing software and the video need to be exported and uploaded again to your Lightcast account, which is very time consuming and you will use up your included storage and transcoding space much faster than with uploading the video ad once, and choosing Option 1 or 2. 


If none of the above’s options fit your needs, please let us know. We will be glad to custom develop a solution for you. You can either email us at CustomerCare@lightcast.com, or schedule a call at http://customercare.lightcast.com .