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How can I make our VOD and LIVE broadcast available for mobile devices and tablets?

There are 2 ways how viewers can watch your LIVE and VOD programs on their mobile device or tablet:

1. Embed your LIVE and/or VOD broadcast onto your website or onto your social pages by using the dedicated embed code for your stream. The Lightcast.com streaming services comes with fully embeddable and customizable LIVE and VOD players. In order to embed the players on your website, please login to your Lightcast.com account and click on a VOD or LIVE channel you would like to embed. On your VOD Channel Manager there is a link called "Embed Channel". When clicking, a pop-up window opens with many customization possibilities for your player as well as the embed code to copy and paste on your website.

If you would like to embed only a single video player instead of a channel player , click on "Video Archive" and retrieve the embed code by clicking the embed symbol when hovering over the single video you would like to embed on your website.

2. Through a Mobile Media App ordered with Lightcast.com. The Mobile Media App includes your VOD broadcast, your LIVE broadcast, your Audio Podcast and can be extended with a donation feature, blog feature and lot more. Please ask your contact person at Lightcast.com or email customercare@lightcast.com if you would like to receive your own Mobile Media App.

Please make sure to encode your stream in h.264/AAC to be able to watch in on mobile devices. More information on encoder settings for mobile streaming can be found here: www.lightcast.com/user/page/encoder-configuration