How can I get a report on my Roku Billing Subscriber numbers?
Reports for Roku Billing Subscribers are sent each quarter to your preferred ema... more
When can we expect to receive the revenue from our Roku Billing Subscribers?
Revenue from subscriptions paid via the Roku Billing System is paid out quarterl... more
Is there a limit on how many videos can be published on Roku within the same VOD Channel (playlist)
Yes, there is a limit on the amount of videos displayed within a VOD Channel. It... more
Does my Roku App automatically update when changes have been made?
New video uploads, video thumbnail changes, changes to the order of videos or m... more
What are the "Focus" and "Sides" graphics in the context of the Roku interface?
Focus images are displayed when the App is in focus (selected) and side images ... more
Is it possible to display more than one Website URL within our Roku app?
Yes, it is possible to display more then one Website URL on the header banner w... more
What subtitle languages are currently supported with my Roku App?
Currently your Roku App supports all latin languages such as english, spanish, ... more
We already have a public Roku App. Do we have to remove it when Lightcast develops a new Roku app for us?
Roku doesn't allow the publishing of multiple Roku Apps with the same name. Simi... more
How do we discover what kind of App we received? A single-channel or multi-channel App?
To find out which kind of Roku App you've received, please go to your Service Su... more
Does Lightcast create a Roku App for each individual LIVE or VOD Channel?
A Roku App can include either one VOD/LIVE Channel or multiple VOD /LIVE Channel... more
I would like to offer paid video content on my Roku Channel. Is that possible?
Yes, that is possible with Lightcast's Subscription Management and Payment Proce... more
Does it cost anything when uploading new videos to my Roku Channel?
There are no fees for uploading new video content to your Roku Channel App throu... more
How many videos do we need to upload to Roku to get our App approved?
It is recommended to upload at least 10 videos in each VOD Channel you want to p... more
Does Roku publish international channels to the US channel store?
Roku does not publish international channels in the US Channel Store unless spec... more
Can we stream 24/7 to Roku in multiple bandwidths?
Yes, you can stream your 24/7 broadcast in multiple bitrates. This is recommende... more
We have a Multi-Channel Roku App and would like to add more channels. Is that possible?
Yes, your Multi-Channel Roku App can be extended with additional VOD and LIVE Ch... more
What are the requirements for broadcasting a 24/7 stream to my Roku Channel?
We recommend to send your 24/7 stream in multiple qualities to ensure the bes... more
Is Roku also available outside the US?
Roku can be watched from all over the world. You can decide whether to buy a Rok... more
Can I get any video content approved by Roku?
Yes, except for: - poor quality videos - porn Poor quality videos are: - vid... more
Can I extend my Single-Channel Roku App into a Multi-Channel Roku App?
Absolutely! Your Single-Channel Roku App can be extended into a Multi-Channel Ro... more
Does Roku provide the numbers of subscribers to my Roku App?
Yes, Roku provides subscriber numbers for each individual Roku App. If you would... more
If a family has multiple Roku Boxes, do they have to pay for the subscription for each device?
Not if all boxes are linked to the same Roku Account. The connection is between ... more
Can I use Roku’s own payment processing for PPV and Subscription Services?
Yes, you can. Just keep in mind that payment processing via Roku has some adv... more
Is there any way of bringing our Roku Channel more to the attention of Roku viewers?
All new channels of our clients are promoted under the top category "New"within ... more
Is it possible to advertise on Roku?
There are basically two categories/advertising areas: public areas and inside ch... more
How can I cancel my Roku Subscription?
You can cancel your Roku Subscription by logging in to your Lightcast account (y... more