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If you are new to Lightcast.com...
...or you are using a new feature or service, then there is a good chance that you may have questions other clients have had as well. Digital Media Distribution and Online Marketing can be very technical and often involves sophisticated tasks which go beyond the regular day-to-day use of computers. Many of our clients have technology experts on staff and indeed it is highly recommended to hire media professionals for specific tasks around post-production, video uploads, setting up and operating live-encoders, or integration of video players and rich-media enhancements on websites.

Learning to use Lightcast.com...
...It is natural to experience a learning curve with such technical tasks if your expertise is in a different field. We completely understand that and are therefore providing Getting Started Guides, Tutorials and the Knowledgebase Resources in your Lightcast Account to assist with technical education and with the orientation of your new Lightcast Service. Please utilize these resources and let us know if you need further assistance. You can do this by opening a Support-Ticket right here in the Support Center. Your Tickets and our responses will be sent to your email address and also remain stored in your Account, forming an electronic "paper trail" of the correspondence.