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How To Re-Name A Channel

This week’s topic about how to re-name a Channel might sound redundant, but did you know that your VOD/LIVE/AOD Channel names are one of the first things viewers recognize when watching your media content on your connected Publishing Properties, such as but not limited to Roku, FireTV, AndroidTV, AppleTV, your website via the embeddable Lightcast players, etc.

 It is recommended to make sure that your Channel name represents the content assigned to this Channel and gives viewers a glimpse of what your content is all about.

Once you start naming VOD/LIVE/AOD Channels, and you feel later on that the name doesn't represent the content in that Channel anymore, you can easily change the Channel name via your Channel Managers in your Lightcast.com account. Most of the features in your Lightcast account can be dynamically controlled, meaning that your connected Publishing Properties will recognize the changes and update them in realtime. This is true for changing the Channel names as well.  

See how you can re-name a Channel