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I would like to offer paid video content on my Roku Channel. Is that possible?

Yes, that is possible with Lightcast's Subscription Management and Payment Processing Service. You can choose which VOD and/or LIVE Channel you would like to set behind a registration wall and how much you would like to charge for a subscription (usually monthly subscription).

We recommend to offer at least one VOD or LIVE Channel for free, in order for viewers to see what they are paying for if they decide to register for a subscription.

How does it work?
  1. Your viewers watch your free content on your Roku App. When attempting to watch some of your paid content, they are directed to your Registration Site, where they can register for a subscription, paying any monthly amount you would like to charge them.

  2. Frontent: your viewers open the Registration Site in any browser, fill out the form and add their payment details. Backend: you have access to your Subscriber Database through your CRM Account with Lightcast. There you can view your subscribers payments, membership status and contact details for your marketing, up-sell and cross-sell purposes.

  3. Your subscribers receive access to your paid content through all your connected publishing properties. Each publishing app and website has to be specifically built to handle the subscriber access and paid media channels. Server-Side: the Lightcast Subscriber Management System constantly checks on the payment status of each subscriber and deactivates the access to paid content in all connected properties.

More information can be found here: www.lightcast.com/services/subscriber-and-payment-processing-system