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How does the LIVE-to-VOD feature work?

With the LIVE-to-VOD feature, you can automatically record your live streams on our server network and turn them into multi-platform compatible VOD assets - with the click on a button. In order to ensure multi-platform compatibility, your recorded live-stream needs to be sent through our premium transcoding in order to render and store 12 different bitrates and formats on the CDN for delivery to viewers on all devices. 

You always remain in control at all times: nothing is auto-published as VOD after your live-events without your knowledge or approval. You decide which recorded live-stream you want to publish as VOD asset, to which platforms, channels and properties, whether you want to trim the recording in the cloud first, render watermarks on it, or which VOD Channel or Media Group your live-event recording should be assigned to.

The quality of the recordings will match the quality of your live stream. If you stream in HD quality, than the recording will be in HD quality as well.
The live recordings are available up to 30 days after your live event was recorded. Please make sure to send all desired recordings into transcoding within 30 days after your event in order to store it safely on the LightcastCDN permanently.
The recordings can be found within the Video Upload page in the LIVE-to-VOD drop down.
If you would like to enable this feature for one of your LIVE Channels, please click on the LIVE Channel you would like to utilize this feature for and switch to the "Advanced Settings" tab. There you will find an inquire link for the setup of this service if its part of your Lightcast package level and enabled for your Channel type.