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Can I use my own Subscription System and Payment Processing application?

Yes, you can use your own Subscription Management and Payment Processing Service. If you already have a partnership with a Payment Gateway who handles payment processing for all major credit cards, and if you have the man-power to manage customer requests such as, but not limited to changing of payment preferences, charge-backs, refunds, etc.

Beside having a contract with a Payment Gateway, you would need to pay a developer to set up a Subscription Management system which includes:

  • A subscriber registration and payment site for your viewers in order for them to register for your service and pay the subscription fee.
  • A subscriber database to be able to manage your subscribers, their invoices and revenue.
  • Member accounts: each payer/subscriber should receive a Subscriber account for self-management of payment preferences, memberships, profile and multiple subscriptions if you do not want to manually change any of those yourself for each subscriber.
  • Integration of the subscription handling module on your Website and Apps.

Please keep in mind that if you are using your own subscriber handling and payment processing system, Lightcast is not responsible for the development on your website, the subscriber database, payment handling nor the customer support to resolve payment issues, cancellation requests, or any other tech support or administrative support. The app-development fee for integration of a third-party subscriber handling system to any of your ConnectedTV Apps is subject to a fee.

Please contact Customer Care at customercare@lightcast.com if you would like to receive further information.