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Ingesting Live Streams

With Lightcast’s easy-to-understand Live Streaming Setup Guide, anyone can set up and ingest live streams to Lightcast’s worldwide CDN. Today we would like to show you how to ingest your live streams into the Lightcast CDN: 

Click on a LIVE Channel in your Lightcast.com account and open the link “Broadcast”. Each of your LIVE Channels has a unique Stream Key which you need to copy and paste into your Live Streaming Encoder so that your live stream reaches the correct LIVE Channel. Should you send multiple bitrates for bitrate-adaptive delivery you need to repeat this process for each bitrate stream. Your encoder may, or may not, be able to send multiple bitrate streams. Please check with your encoder manufacturer.

Then choose a CDN Access Point location which is closest to your streaming location. You can stream to multiple CDN Access Points for a variety of purposes, such as sending a backup to a different CDN Access Point for redundancy sake. Just make sure you have enough bandwidth available at your broadcast location (more about backup streams at this article: http://www.lightcast.com/user/page/encoder-configuration#pt26).

For multi-bitrate live streaming, you can either ingest multiple bitrates into multiple LIVE Channels, or you can have Lightcast transrate your ingested single bitrate into multiple bitrates at a separate service fee. More details about different multi-bitrate options for live-streaming can be found at: http://support.lightcast.com/760187-What-choices-in-bitrate-adaptive-streams-do-I-have-as-a-publisher 

Finding the Stream Key and CDN Access Points: