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Linear Streaming

There are three types of linear streams: Ingested Linear Streams, Non-scheduled "VOD-to-LIVE" linear loops and Lightcast's Cloud-Scheduler. Let’s talk about Ingesting Linear Streams today, and look into VOD-to-LIVE and the Cloud Scheduler during the upcoming following weeks.

To ingest your linear stream (24/7 stream) into the Lightcast CDN, just point your live-encoder to a Lightcast CDN SuperPOP (Access Point) and have your linear stream delivered everywhere: all platforms, websites, devices, mobile apps, TV apps, social apps.

 To ensure that your viewers will get an uninterrupted stream, regardless of their internet connection speed, we recommend to ingest multiple-bitrates (multi-bitrate cloud transmuxing included and free with all plans), provided your upstream bandwidth at your streaming location can handle it. Or just send Lightcast a single-bitrate stream and we transrate your stream into multiple bitrates for you (multi-bitrate cloud transrating at a fee).

Note that both the free cloud-transmuxing of your ingested bitrates into a bitrate-adaptive stream, as well as cloud-transrating of your high-quality ingestion into multiple lower bitrate streams at a fee, has to be ordered with Customer Care.

 If you need help in setting up your live-encoder, don’t hesitate to contact us. Every Lightcast account has a minimum of 1 encoder configuration voucher included.

How to find the CDN Access Points & Multi-Bitrate Setup in your Lightcast Account: