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Lightcast.com Release Notes for October 20th, 2016

Lightcast.com Release Notes for October 20th, 2016

The Lightcast.com Technical Department was working very hard the past weeks to release some great improvements and tools in October. See what's new below:

Additional Ingestion Points
Lightcast’s CDN now offers additional Super PoPs (points of presence) for all our clients, providing more stability and options for better scalability and more efficiency while delivering more content with less overhead. The new ingestion points can be found in your Lightcast.com account, when clicking on a LIVE Channel and on “Broadcast” within the Live Channel Event Manager Page. New PoPs are in Europe and Asia.

If you would like to ingest your live stream to one of the new PoPs, simply copy and paste the PoP URL into your encoder (software or hardware encoder) as RTMP server or FMS URL.

Facebook VOD and LIVE Publishing
Besides making this feature more reliable and stable in the past weeks, we implemented viewing statistics for both live events and videos published/streamed to Facebook, starting with October 7th. These views can be seen in the Live Events List, VOD Channel List, and Media Archive provided there is at least 1 view.

Here are a few more important improvements we released for the Facebook Live Streaming feature:

  • Deleting an event that is in progress and already sending a stream to Facebook, will now stop the stream to Facebook. Prior to this, deleting an event would not end the Facebook stream. 
  • Editing an existing event and enabling Facebook Live would sometimes not work properly. This has been fixed.  
  • Sometimes publishers calculate and set the event duration too narrow and unforeseen delays during the event cause the event to go on longer than expected by the event organizer and publisher. In the past, we have been extending events to Facebook by an additional 30 minutes in case your event goes past your scheduled end time. This caused issues where a short 5 minute event would be extended to 35 minutes on Facebook.  We have adjusted the safety extension to now add 20% to the event duration, up to 30 minutes.  

Lightcast EasyPay Improvements

  • Improving validation for first and last name.  
  • EasyPay Subscribers who have a standard/basic subscription will be prompted to “Upgrade” when they visit the subscription's registration page.  
  • EasyPay Subscribers who have unpaid invoices for their subscription are unable to upgrade their subscription. They will see the upgrade option on the registration and invoice pages but on the upgrade page a friendly message explains why an upgrade is not possible.  
  • The payment information, as well as the possibility to change credit cards, is now also added to the right-hand column of the "upgrade subscription" page for easier access.

There are plenty of other technical improvements we've made over the past weeks to the benefit of our clients and users. Check them out and let us know what you think. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

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