YouTube Channel

Is it possible to see the view stats of the videos published to YouTube via Lightcast?
The view stats are available through the Realtime reports within your YouTube ac... more
There is an error message when trying to publish my video to YouTube. What can I do?
The error message will be displayed when the connection to your YouTube account ... more
How can I upload videos longer than 15 min. to YouTube?
By default, you can upload videos that are 15 minutes long. To upload longer ... more
The YouTube uploader is not working. What can be the reason?
The reason can be either a missing video channel and/or that your account set... more
How does the Lightcast video quality compare to YouTube's?
The quality of the video is dependent on the original file you upload to our ser... more
Can I publish my videos to different playlists on YouTube?
The videos published to your YouTube account will be published to your YouTube C... more