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Which Android devices are compatible with AndroidTV Apps?
The Google Playstore accepts hundreds of different Android apps - with numerous ... more
Is it possible to display our Logo and Website URL within our AndroidTV app?
Yes, this is possible via the custom video thumbnail uploader in your Lightcast... more
With GoogleTV being phased out and AndroidTV taking its place, how long will our GoogleTV app be viable?
GoogleTV will still remain viable for at least 2 years as the enormous variety... more
Will we be able to watch our GoogleTV Channel on a NeoTV device?
Yes, the NeoTV Prime Box has proven to be compatible to AndroidTV Apps in the ... more
What is a GoogleTV App?
Similar to Roku, GoogleTV can be regarded another publishing property, as it tak... more
Is GoogleTV also available outside the US?
GoogleTV can be watched from all over the world. You can decide whether to buy a... more
How do we discover what kind of App we received? A single-channel or multi-channel App?
To find out which kind of GoogleTV App you've received, please go to your Servic... more
Does Lightcast create a GoogleTV App for each individual LIVE or VOD Channel?
A GoogleTV App can include either one VOD/LIVE Channel or multiple VOD/LIVE Chan... more
We have a Multi-Channel GoogleTV App and would like to add more Channels. Is that possible?
Yes, your Multi-Channel GoogleTV App can be extended with additional VOD and LIV... more
Can the GoogleTV App be downloaded on an Android Mobile Device?
The GoogleTV App can be watched on GoogleTV devices, such as Sony Internet Playe... more
Where are people directed if they click on the Piggy Bank icon for giving?
Viewers will be directed to the donation page with the Lightcast Easy Pay donati... more
Does it cost anything when uploading new videos to my GoogleTV App?
There are no fees for uploading new video content to your GoogleTV App through y... more
How do I update my GoogleTV App with new video content?
All updates are done through your Lightcast Control Center. You can add and remo... more
Can you remove the name of the developer from our App?
ConnectedTV platforms always name the app developers in their app stores, simply... more
Do you have any plans to update GoogleTV Apps to be compatible with Android TV?
There are no plans to make GoogleTV Apps compatible with AndroidTV as its a tota... more