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24/7 Cloud Scheduler

This Tip of the Week is the last one in our 3 weeks series on linear streaming. The past two weeks we learned about how to ingest linear streams and how to create looping VOD-to-LIVE linear streams. Today we would like to show you how you can create your own scheduled TV program with Lightcast’s popular 24/7 Cloud Scheduler.

How it works: The Cloud Scheduler is an innovative video delivery product, which allows you to create a 24/7 stream out of your uploaded on-demand video content, simply by dragging and dropping your videos into a schedule, assigning them to a certain "broadcast time”.

You don't need to fill every gap between scheduled videos. The Lightcast.com 24/7 Channel engine does this for you automatically by using your uploaded “filler videos”  (e.g. your TV commercials, sponsors ads, promotionals, music clips, etc.).

In order to quickly build a long-term schedule for your continuous 24/7 stream you can copy scheduled days forward easily.

Additional features which can be added at a fee:

- 24/7 Scheduler CSV Importer: Bumper-to-Bumper Auto-Placement from CSV File

- Live Streams in 24/7 Scheduler: Schedule and ingest live-streams into your 24/7 stream from your live-encoder. More info: http://support.lightcast.com/844777-Live-Streams-in-247-Scheduler 

The 24/7 stream can be embedded on any website, social site, ConnectedTV App (Roku, FireTV, AppleTV, AndroidTV), mobile app or any other publishing property with Lightcast's customizable 24/7 player.

Don’t have this service yet? Inquire to have the 24/7 product added to your Lightcast Control Center. Available for Video Power Packages and higher, at $230/month.

How to create a scheduled TV program: