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Multi-Bitrate Live Streaming

When streaming live via Lightcast, you can either send single bitrates or multi-bitrate streams (MBR) from your live-encoder. MBR means that several streams with different bitrates, are made available to viewers as a bitrate-adaptive stream. Whenever a viewer clicks play, our CDN delivers the most suitable bitrate according to the viewer’s internet speed. E.g. if a viewer has a slow internet connection, the live player might deliver a lower bitrate initially so that the stream can run smoothly without re-buffering. Our players will then continue to measure each viewer’s internet speed and upgrade and downgrade the video quality accordingly.

 MBR is included and free with all plans (also called multi-bitrate cloud transmuxing). A one-time setup fee of $85 for the setup of your multi-bitrate stream portfolio and your bitrate-adaptive LIVE Player applies.

 Make sure that your upstream bandwidth at your streaming location, and your live-encoder, can both handle the consistent, non-interrupted, delivery of multiple bitrate streams to the LightcastCDN.

 Or send Lightcast a single-bitrate stream and we transrate your stream into multiple bitrates for you (multi-bitrate cloud transrating at a fee).

Note that both the free cloud-transmuxing of your ingested bitrates into a bitrate-adaptive stream, as well as cloud-transrating of your high-quality ingestion into multiple lower bitrate streams at a fee, have to be ordered via Customer Care.

  If you need help in setting up your live-encoder, don’t hesitate to contact us. Every Lightcast account has a minimum of 1 encoder configuration voucher included.

 Please keep in mind that Flash Media Live Encoder is degrading in its compatibility with platforms, players and devices, and is not compatible with multi-bitrate delivery on most platforms. If you still have an FMLE in use, we highly recommend to switch to a different encoder. Here are a few good recommendations: http://support.lightcast.com/163092-Does-Lightcast-require-or-recommend-specific-Live-Encoders-for-the-use-with-its-CDN 


How to inquire for Multi-Bitrate Streaming: