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Lightcast.com Release Notes for March 18th, 2016

Lightcast.com Release Notes for March 18th, 2016

The Lightcast.com Technical Department is glad to announce some great improvements and tools. See what`s new below:

Chromecast Publishing Feature
We have added the ability to enable Chromecast publishing for all types of Live Channels - multi-bitrate, VOD-to-LIVE and 24/7 Scheduler Channels. This feature allows a viewer to send the stream from an embedded player to their TV device using a Chromecast compatible device. Available in selected Lightcast Packages.

Broadcast Outlets Logo Carousel
A carousel with the logos of different Broadcast Outlets/Publishing Properties, such as Roku, FireTV, AndroidTV etc. is now displayed inside Lightcast Control Centers. It shows publishers whether they are currently leveraging a Publishing Property listed there or not. If the logo of the Publishing Property is displayed in light grey, it means that there is currently no delivery to that specific broadcast outlet. If the logo is in color, it means that the media content is published to that publishing platform.
Video Scheduling Feature
This new feature is available for selected packages and includes the ability to schedule a publishing date for an on-demand file to be published to a Channel at a later time or instantly. The publishing date can be chosen either for all channels or only for specific channels the video is assigned to. As soon the day of the scheduled publication has been reached, the on-demand file will automatically be published online on all platforms without your intervention.
Improvements to the 24/7 Scheduler
The following improvements have been made for Lightcast’s award-winning 24/7 Scheduler Software:
•    Attempting to schedule a video for today or earlier will give an alert with an explanation
•    Attempting to schedule a video across Midnight eastern will give an alert with an explanation
•    A target area has been added as a visual aid when a user wants to remove a video from the schedule
•    A link to the 24/7 Scheduler Tutorial has been added
•    Past events are locked and can no longer be dragged around the calendar
Improvements to the LightcastAPI - New "connector" for Media Archive
We added a new connector called "Archive" which functions similarly to the "Media" action of the "Channel" connector, except that this returns results for the entire account instead of just a single channel.
We would love to hear what you are missing on Lightcast.com. Send us your suggestion and feedbacks by clicking on the Feedback button in your Lightcast.com account (on the very right side) or send an email to customercare@lightcast.com .

There are plenty of other technical improvements we've made over the past weeks to the benefit of our clients and users. Check them out and let us know what you think. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

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