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How to embed your videos

The Tip of the Weeks are back from summer break!    For all our new clients: Welcome to Lightcast.com! Enjoy our weekly tips and tricks on how to better use the Lightcast OVP services.

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This week we would like to show you how to embed your uploaded videos on your website (or any other website). You can embed your videos by either:

1. embedding a playlist of videos via the VOD Channel embed code: click on a VOD Channel in your Control Center and then click on “Embed Channel”.
2. embedding a single video: click on Media Archives in the top menu bar and search for the video you want to embed. Mouse over the video which triggers action buttons on the right side and click on the embed icon to retrieve the embed code of the video.
3. or by using the LightcastAPI to build your own dynamic content pages with auto-populated thumbnail galleries and player pages. More about the API: http://support.lightcast.com/621252-LightcastAPI 

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How to embed a channel player and a single video: