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Best Gift Of The Year

The Christmas season is one of our favorite times of the year, filled with joy, love and celebration. Get into the spirit of the holidays and share Lightcast with your friends, partners or partner organizations who need a better way to reach millions of viewers around the world.

This might be the best gift they receive this year. And you!

Here is our Christmas gift to you: Lightcast.com offers 3 types of referral programs  Many media publishers have been able to cover all of their streaming media expenses with one of the referral programs, or even build new residual revenue streams:

The “5 for 1” Program:
Refer 5 clients who subscribe to a similar service plan than yours or higher and receive an entire year free of charge.

The “1 Month Free” Program:
Refer a client who subscribes to a similar service plan than yours or higher and receive your service subscription one month free of charge.

The Affiliate Program:

Receive 7% of all business you referred to Lightcast through our Affiliate Program www.crosstribution.com, as well as indirect commission of all business referred by your referrals.

Select from one of the above programs and a call-back time. One of our media consultants will call you at your selected time and register you for your selected awards program.