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Live Event Scheduling

Increase your reach and boost viewership of your live stream events by using Lightcast’s "Live Event Scheduler". Why is it important to schedule a live event for your upcoming live streams? 
1. A countdown will be displayed on the channel player embedded on your website, counting down to your next scheduled live event. Viewers will be able to see exactly when your live stream begins and when it is scheduled to end.
2. It will allow you to see the exact statistics for the scheduled start and end time of your live event. 
3. See all your past live events in your Live Channel Event Manager with details on viewing stats, time frame and more for each single live event. 
3. Many publishing destinations and platforms, such as Facebook Live, YouTube Live, iOS and Android mobile apps, Roku and FireTV require to have a live event with a scheduled start and end time in order to display and broadcast a live stream. 
4. If you would like your live stream to be delivered to the largest faith-based social media network www.cross.tv, you would need to create a "Live Event" (and select "Publish this Channel to CROSS.TV in your "Live Channel Info Editor”) in order to be featured on their Live Channel page. 
See how you can create a scheduled live event: