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Sorting Videos

At Lightcast.com, you have full control over your media…at any given time! Many of our customers appreciate the effectiveness of the Media Management System of which the “VOD Channel Manager” is an integral part. Let’s have a closer look at the feature to order videos within a VOD Channel:

The order feature allows you to put your videos and audio files in any order you prefer, no matter in which order you uploaded your files. You can either re-order them by using the arrow buttons to move them up or down, or by simply adding the number of the desired position into the video-number field. This is the fastest way to move your uploaded files from one position to another, and of course, your changes are instantly updated on all your publishing properties your Lightcast account is connected with (Roku, FireTV, AndroidTV, AppleTV, Podcasts, Channel Player on your website, custom thumbnail galleries if you used the LightcastAPI, social network apps/channels, etc...)

Here is how it works: