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Do I receive Phone Support?

Lightcast Service Packages are self-managed through the Lightcast Control Center and the Lightcast Support Center, as well as by Customer Care via email support.

Your Control Center and the Support Center provide helpful tutorials, guides, articles and FAQs explaining the Control Center, Media Managers and User Interfaces.

Each new client receives a 30-minute training session for the Control Center and Media Management System, helping to get you started. This initial introductory and training call provides you with all user training to help you use Lightcast’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) accounts. 

LIVE Streaming: in addition, each new live-streaming client receives a 30-minute encoder test session where your encoder configuration is being optimized and your live-streams are tested prior to going live via the LightcastCDN for the first time.

VOD Uploads: uploading videos via your Lightcast Control Center is as easy as on any other video platform, such as YouTube or vimeo, just with a lot more options. Please note that Lightcast.com provides a software interface for self-management with tutorials for self-education and cannot provide over-the-phone or over-email education on basic usage of a video platform. Being strictly a b-2-b service, Lightcast.com assumes a basic knowledge-level at the level of at least uploading to YouTube and setting up a simple live-stream.

Beyond training materials such as tutorials, knowledgebase and initial 30-minute training sessions, Lightcast.com offers the following technical support services, according to package-level:

Video Smart/Growth/Power have access to Tech Support via email and ticket system.

Video Power X, XL and Signature Service Level Clients have access to Tech Support via phone, email and ticket system.

Should you need additional personalized support via phone for e.g. for your LIVE Streaming Set Up, questions about your Lightcast Account, Social Media Strategy, and lot more. These phone support services can be ordered at a fee via your Lightcast Account or via email to Customer Care.

Please note that Customer Care is available only via email and Ticket System as we need all inquiries in writing and we are obligated to respond with solutions in writing. This is to our clients’ advantage as it keeps a record of what is being discussed and of solutions and offers we are sending in response to inquiries about existing, or additional services.