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Delayed & Scheduled On-Demand Publishing

With your Lightcast.com Media Management System, you have the flexibility to fully control your uploaded media content and decide, when to release your on-demand content to your viewers. Today, we would like to point out 3 different features, which gives you the flexibility you need to upload and publish your content any time you want:

1. Media Publishing via Scheduled Publishing: allows you to publish on-demand assets (VOD and AOD) at a delay according to your selected publishing date. It allows you to decide whether your content should be available instantly, or at a specific date and time. You can assign a scheduled publishing date when you upload new content or later on when editing previously uploaded content. Read More

2. Media Publishing via Channel Assignment: most publishers find it easy to use their VOD and AOD Channels to publish on-demand content to websites, ConnectedTV Apps, podcasts, mobile apps, and other Publishing Platforms connected to their LighcastOVP account. Once you assign a video or audio file to a VOD or AUDIO Channel, the assigned media asset will show up across all your publishing properties where you integrated that specific Channel.

3. Media Publishing via Inactive/Active settings: Set your content to inactive/active via the control buttons in the Channel playlist or Media Archive.

Here is how you can find these 3 features in your Lightcast Media Archive: 👍