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Simulated Live Streaming

Today we would like to point out another powerful feature of the LightcastOVP which publishers can use to stream previously recorded or uploaded videos as a live-stream - the so-called "simulated live broadcast”. 

This feature can be used to simulate a live event with videos from a previous event if you want to provide a “live experience” to viewers, or you want to gather them together to view at the same time in order to provide live-chat, fundraising, promotion or other activities during your live-event.

Simply select a video from your uploaded and transcoded VOD Media Archive and play it back as a live-event stream at a specific day and time. The on-player countdown on your live player will show viewers exactly when the “live” broadcast will begin. 

See how you can schedule a simulated live broadcast: 

Please note that the Simulated Live Feature is designed for individual live-events. 

If instead you would like to launch a linear 24/7 live broadcast, your own IPTV station, we recommend to use our
Cloud Scheduler and Playout System, or our VOD-to-LIVE continuous loop feature.