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Video Thumbnails

Are you looking for simple ways to improve your media content’s appearance on publishing platforms such as your website, your OTT / ConnectedTV Apps, your mobile apps etc.? Custom video thumbnails are a great way to give your video channels and galleries a more professional look. This will allow you to control the corporate design and branding of your websites, mobile apps and TV apps in a very easy, but efficient way.

The LightcastOVP allows you to control the look of your video galleries across multiple platforms in real-time by uploading your video cover artwork as custom thumbnails. This could be the logo of your TV Show, or the creative for a topic or series, or movie cover artwork.

Alternatively you can choose one of the auto-generated video thumbnails from your uploaded videos. In order to make your upload available for publishing instantly upon successful transcoding, the system auto-selects one of the thumbnails. You can always change the auto-generated thumbnail on the "video edit” page and it will update across all your connected publishing properties - websites, mobile apps and TV apps - in real-time.

Choosing auto-generated thumbnails - or uploading a custom graphic file:

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