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VOD-To-LIVE Linear Loops

Last week we talked about how to ingest linear streams to the Lightcast CDN, which was part of our 3 weeks series on linear streaming. Today we will look into Non-scheduled "VOD-to-LIVE" linear loops and how you can create one.

It is pretty simple: Upload videos into one of your empty VOD Channels, or use an existing VOD Channel with videos, as the source for your linear stream. Send customercare@lightcast.com an email letting us know the VOD Channel ID (the ID# can be found in your Lightcast.com Control Center). We will then configure your VOD-to-LIVE continuous loop in the Lightcast Media Cloud and ingest it into one of your empty LIVE Channels - simulating a 24/7 network (one-time setup fees may apply).

 You can embed the VOD-to-LIVE loop anytime on any website with the embeddable LIVE Channel Player of the Live Channel Customer Care will confirm with you. Check with Customer Care if you are uncertain which of your LIVE Channels has been configured to broadcast your VOD playlist.

 Ask Customer Care to integrate your VOD-to-LIVE loop on your ConnectedTV properties or mobile apps connected to your Lightcast account (such as Roku, FireTV, AndroidTV, AppleTV, iOS and Android mobile apps, etc.).

 The stream starts from the top of your playlist every midnight Eastern Time (to be exact at 00:03) and you can upload new videos or change the order within the playlist at any time.

 Your playlist (the continuous loop) re-starts from top every 24 hours. This means you can fill up the VOD Channel with content for up to 24 hours.

How to change the order of videos in a VOD playlist: