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Lightcast EasyPay for Subscription Content (SVOD/SLIVE)

Does Lightcast EasyPay send out an automated "Thank You" email to subscribers of my content?
After signing up for your subscription, each subscriber receives an automated em... more
What happens to my subscription if my payment fails?
Your subscription payment is charged to your credit card on file on the same day... more
Why does Lightcast EasyPay take 20% of our gross sales from subscriptions?
The 80:20 split covers absolutely everything - all the costs you will be facing ... more
How can I pay out the payments made by my subscribers?
Once a viewer subscribed to your Channel and paid the subscription amount, the i... more
Lightcast EasyPay vs. PayPal - the pros and cons
Here are a few pros and cons about the two different payment options for your we... more
Why am I receiving a Lightcast.com EasyPay account after making a payment?
After making your first subscription payment with Lightcast EasyPay you will ... more
Where can I find my invoices for the subscription payments I've made?
After making your first payment with Lightcast EasyPay, you will receive an emai... more
Does the revenue on EasyPay invoices reflect the gross revenue or my 80% share?
The revenue on EasyPay invoices reflects your 80% share. Payouts can be made a... more
Why can I only pay out payments older than 30 days?
The reason why payments can be paid out only 30 days later is because of the tim... more
Which security certificates are you using to secure the Payment Processing?
The secure payment forms of Lightcast EasyPay are loaded in an i-frame straig... more
How can I cancel my recurring subscription?
Lightcast EasyPay makes it very easy to cancel recurring subscriptions. You can ... more
Are the pay services for media available for a monthly subscription or on a per view basis?
Lightcast.com (http://www.lightcast.com/) offers a Central Subscriber Management... more
Will our subscription be able to handle international currency?
Currently the subscription system only handles USD currency. That said, subscrib... more
Can we change the Subscription amount we are charging for our ConnectedTV Apps?
Yes, this is possible. We can change the amount you charge for your ConnectedTV ... more
Can you show on the invoices whether the subscription was purchased from Roku, Fire, or Google TV?
There is only one subscription product. Subscribers create a subscription accoun... more
Do you provide daily reports on both free and paid app downloads?
"Free downloads” (total number of app downloads): The ConnectedTV platforms do n... more
Can I use my own Subscription System and Payment Processing application?
Yes, you can use your own Subscription Management and Payment Processing Service... more
I signed up for a TV App subscription. How can I unlink my device and link a new one to my existing subscription?
Along with your TV App subscription you've received a Lightcast EasyPay accoun... more
Does the 20% service fee drop with higher volumes?
Yes, the 20% service fee drops to 18% with a monthly volume of $25,000 and furth... more