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How does the Lightcast video quality compare to YouTube's?

The quality of the video is dependent on the original file you upload to our servers. Lightcast transcodes the video file in 12 different bitrates and formats to make it viewable on every device and even for viewers with 3G cellphone connections or low bandwidths available.

The viewing quality adapts to the available bandwidth of each viewer's device/location. Provided that you uploaded the same video file to YouTube and that you are watching it on the same device, at the same location, in the same local network, with the same internet connection (apx. at the same time) - you will receive a similar bitrate/video quality from both platforms. That said, YouTube is only a video sharing site (comparable to CROSS.TV) and not an OVP or CDN, thus in most cases not making the same HD qualities available.

The YouTube and the Lightcast Players provide similar bitrate adaptive technology and both allow viewers to switch between different bitrate qualities.