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Upload Choices

One of the greatest advantages for using an OVP (Online Video Platform) with an intuitive Media Management System is the real-time control of all your on-demand and live-media across all your publishing properties: websites, mobile apps, social networks and OTT / ConnectedTV. The next couple of weeks we will focus on some of the video and audio tools available to upload, manage and organize your content – for your entire portfolio of publishing outlets.

Lets begin with Lightcast’s flexible „Upload choices“:  

1. Lightcast's Web-Uploader: It is the fastest way of uploading single video files to our server network via your Lightcast.com Control Center. No software installation needed. Due to certain browser limitations and possible internet connection issues, the Web-Uploader is limited to a file-size of 3GB.

2. FTP Batch Uploads through your Lightcast Account: For transfer of 10 or more files, or for files with file sizes greater than 3GB, we recommend the use of FTP transfer.

3. File Upload / File Transfer Service at a fee: send Lightcast.com a harddrive, thumbdrive or access to cloud storage containing your video files including metadata, such as title, description, thumbnails/cover artwork and instructions on channel allocation.

Here is how you can upload a video file through the Standard Web Uploader: