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Can subtitles be positioned in different areas on the screen?
The subtitle overlay happens player side. The native player of each platform tre... more
Can I use the Lightcast VOD Player and CDN to deliver interactive 360 videos?
Yes, Lightcast supports the playback of 360 degree videos. Please keep in mind t... more
Is it possible to have clickable links on my videos?
Clickable calls to action are overlays on top of a player which open a website i... more
Why are the re-order arrows not displayed inside the Media Archive?
The re-order arrows are only displayed within the VOD Channel Manager page to ... more
Is there a way to delay the auto-publishing of my uploaded videos?
If you would like for your videos to be published at a certain day or time, y... more
Can we deliver closed captioning with our media files?
The LightcastCDN delivers closed captioning data provided by clients. You can ... more
We upload our videos via FTP. How do we upload the subtitle files belonging to these videos?
Subtitle files for videos uploaded via FTP can be uploaded on the video editin... more
Is it possible to receive the direct streaming link for mobile app and website integration?
Yes, of course. Larger LightcastOVP Accounts provide APIs and issues feeds for i... more
Will we be able to retrieve an RSS feed URL for video and audio files?
Yes, RSS feeds for video and/or audio files are available upon request. Please s... more
What is a Video on Demand Channel?
A Video on Demand (VOD) Channel is a Playlist. It allows a client to organize hi... more
What causes the video to be available as HD file?
The reason for videos showing up also as HD in your video player and for viewers... more
I am using LightcastDRM Media Security. Can my media assets still be subject to vulnerability to non-authorized access?
Yes, even the most sophisticated AES encryption and security systems, such as th... more
How can I get an audio file created from our video file?
Audio files are created automatically through Lightcast's Premium Transcoding se... more
Is it mandatory to upload a thumbnail for each video file?
While it is recommended to upload a thumbnail along with the video file upload, ... more
Are you accepting .scc files for captioning?
.scc is the format used by conventional broadcast outlets (cable, satellite, ter... more
Can viewers re-embed our videos from Lightcast once they are embedded on our website?
Only if you allow them to by selecting the option "Allow viewers to embed the pl... more
Can we upload different video thumbnails instead of using the auto-generate ones?
Due to the auto-publishing and multi-platform distribution service of Lightcast,... more
How can I change the thumbnail of a video?
Please login to your Lightcast.com (http://www.lightcast.com/) account and cl... more
When I publish my videos to CROSS.TV, under which category will they appear?
We recommend to first set your VOD Channel to “Publish this channel on cross.... more
How can I embed my VOD Channel on my website?
To embed your VOD Channel player, please login to your Lightcast.com (http://www... more
Does Lightcast support tags for our videos and other meta information to improve search results?
Yes, the LightcastOVP provides a metadata database and management system. Clie... more