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Is the Player Background Image Uploader for the AOD Channels dynamic or static?
The player background uploader for the Channel Players (AOD, VOD, LIVE) is desig... more
Can I change the order of videos in my channel player?
Yes, the order of the videos in the channel player can be changed through the "V... more
Where can I change the share link for the web player?
Currently there is no way to change the URL that is displayed in the Share featu... more
Is it possible to remove the sharing plugin on the video player?
Yes, it is possible to disable the sharing plugin in the player, if you want to ... more
Can the Lightcast.com player overlay be removed when sharing a video on Facebook?
The Lightcast.com (http://www.lightcast.com) on-player overlay can not be remo... more
How can I have the Lightcast Player automatically resize for mobile devices?
To make the Lightcast Player automatically resize simply open the Embed Tool fo... more
Can we disable the embed option on the Lightcast Players?
Yes, you can disallow viewers to embed your player on other sites. To remove t... more
I have my own players. Why should I use the Lightcast players?
Lightcast provides intelligent video players which are optimized for the use wit... more
Should I use a fixed-size player or a responsive player?
Choosing between the fixed-size or the responsive player depends greatly on the ... more
How do I embed the Lightcast Media Player on our SSL (http(s)://) website?
There are 2 options on how you can embed the Lightcast Media Player onto your S... more
My embedded Lightcast Player doesn’t enter the full screen mode on certain browsers. Why is that?
As part of our transition from a Flash based player to an HTML5 player in 2015,... more