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Facebook Video Publishing

Does Facebook support subscriber authentication or paywall integration for my media content?
Facebook doesn't have paywall or subscriber authentication features built into t... more
Can we connect directly with a Facebook page instead of a Facebook account?
Unfortunately Facebook doesn’t allow to connect directly with a Facebook Page, a... more
What is the difference between Lightcast’s Facebook Media App or publishing videos directly to Facebook’s timeline?
Facebook Video Publishing allows you to publish your videos simultaneously to y... more
Is there a limit on Facebook for the duration of my video?
Facebook has a 1.75 GB file size limit and the video must be under 45 minutes. ... more
Can I connect multiple Facebook accounts with my Lightcast.com account?
Connecting a Facebook account is done via your VOD Channels, which allow you to... more
Can I unpublish videos from Facebook which have already been sent to my Facebook account via Lightcast.com?
Videos which have already been published to a Facebook account via your Lightcas... more
Can I publish the same video to multiple Facebook accounts?
Videos can only be published to one Facebook account. If you would like to publ... more
How can I connect a different Facebook account with my VOD Channel?
If you would like to connect a different Facebook account with your VOD Channel,... more
Does Lightcast deduct video minutes for videos published on Facebook?
No, Facebook is responsible for the bandwidth used by their media player. Lightc... more
Can I publish my videos to Facebook?
Larger Lightcast.com packages include the feature to publish your videos to your... more
Will my scheduled videos be published to Facebook at the selected publishing date?
At this point, the Facebook API does not allow to publish a video at a later da... more