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How to find your Channel IDs

We hope you enjoyed our previous Tip of the Week about how to embed your uploaded videos on your website with Lightcast’s customizable, bitrate-adaptive, responsive (and cool looking!) players. There is so much more to say about the players and what they can do for you - please see links to FAQs and articles about the Lightcast player in our previous TOW!

Today we would like to show you how to retrieve your Channel IDs. Every now and then we receive questions from our customers where to find the Channel IDs in their Lightcast Control Center. You may wonder why you would need the Channel IDs.

Here are a few common use-cases (but there are of course many more):

  1. You are planning to use the LightcastAPI You ordered add-ons like VOD-to-LIVE, Multi-Bitrate, Subscription Management System, Geo-Blocking, adding additional
  2. Channels or navigation-tiers to your OTT/TV Apps or mobile apps and you have to send Customer Care the Channel IDs of the Channels you would like to have new features set up for,
  3. You are filling out App Specs forms in your Lightcast account.

How to find the Channel IDs