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YouTube Video Publishing

Is there a limit on YouTube for the duration of my video?
By default, you can upload videos that are up to 15 minutes long, but you can u... more
Can I connect multiple YouTube accounts with my Lightcast.com account?
Connecting a YouTube account is done via your VOD Channels, which allow you to ... more
Can I unpublish videos from YouTube which have already been sent to my YouTube account via Lightcast.com?
Videos which have already been published to a YouTube account via your Lightcast... more
Can I publish the same video to multiple YouTube accounts?
Videos can only be published to one YouTube account. If you would like to publi... more
How can I connect a different YouTube account with my VOD Channel?
If you would like to connect a different YouTube account with your VOD Channel,... more
Does Lightcast deduct video minutes for videos published on YouTube?
No, YouTube is responsible for the bandwidth used by their media player. Lightc... more
How do I initialize our content to automatically feed our existing youtube channel?
When you upload a new video there is an option to publish the video on YouTube i... more
Will my scheduled videos be published to YouTube at the selected publishing date?
At this point, the YouTube API does not allow to publish a video at a later dat... more
When I publish my video to YouTube, a different video thumbnail appears than the one I selected. Why is that?
The reason why YouTube displays a different thumbnail than the one selected by y... more