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Lightcast.com Release Notes for August 24th, 2016

Lightcast.com Release Notes for August 24th, 2016

We've been quite silent lately and for a good reason. Over the past few weeks we focused on adding new functionalities and some major improvements in the backend. See what’s new below:

Facebook Live Streaming to News Feed
Publishing live streams to Facebook via dedicated Facebook Media Apps always existed for Lightcast Clients. Now that Facebook allows their users to publish live streams in news feeds, we’ve released a feature to support the auto-publishing of scheduled live streams or simulated live streams from a Lightcast account to a Facebook page, with a click of a button. This feature is available with selected Lightcast packages, when clicking on “Add Live Event” within your LIVE Channel Event Manager.
Responsive Embed Codes for LightcastAPI & Dev Tools
All LightcastAPI calls which return embed codes now have a new optional parameter of playerResponsive.  If set to true, the embed code returned from the LightcastAPI will be the responsive version.
Randomize VOD-to-Live Playlists
It is now possible to have a VOD-to-Live or AOD-to-Live Channel play content in a random order instead of the order of the playlist. Please ask Customer Care about the “Shuffle Feature”.
New version for the HTML uploader
We've rolled out an updated HTML uploader. This new version has better support for disconnection handling, upload resuming, and also offers support for more browser configurations.
Improvements to the 24/7 Scheduler
In one of our last Release Notes we mentioned several improvements made to the 24/7 Scheduler. During these past weeks, our development team focused on improving the alert messages given to users if an action doesn’t lead to the desired result, such as when adding a video to the Scheduler although the day is already full or when scheduling videos across midnight.
Lightcast EasyPay improvements
Over the past weeks, we’ve made several usability improvements for EasyPay users. Please find some of them below:

  • The EasyPay login on desktop and mobile has been optimized, as well as the EasyPay login for embedded Lightcast players
  • When logged in to an EasyPay account, cancelled EasyPay subscriptions will now display an info-box with important information such as the date when the subscription will end or has ended, how to re-subscribe, how to create a new subscription, as well as the publisher's email address.
  • When logging out of an EasyPay account, users will be re-directed back to the page they visited before logging in. 

Increased Uploader Limit
We’ve increased the Web Uploader limit from 2GB to 3GB, since more browsers are now able to transfer larger file sizes securely. 
eVouchers Box in Lightcast accounts
Lightcast clients receive a number of eVouchers with their package, such as a voucher for training calls or encoder configuration calls with our encoder specialists. The eVouchers box is located in the Control Center in the right column. Vouchers for training calls and encoder configuration calls can be redeemed anytime when mousing over the info-icon and by clicking the “Schedule Now” link. Our Lightcast support team is looking forward to speaking with you!
AppleTV improvements
Over the past weeks we’ve made a couple of improvements for our client’s AppleTV Apps along with the platform`s development. See below what’s new:

  • AppleTV Apps now support the implementation of Media Groups.
  • Since Apple keeps Apps open in the background, even when exiting the App, newly uploaded videos and other updates may not be pushed through to the App, but instead, the user had to previously restart the app. Lightcast implemented a “Refresh” button into each AppleTV App to make it easier for users to refresh the App and trigger updates (such as new content) instantly without the need to exit the App and shut down the device.

Storage Balance Notifications
In addition to the storage balance bar in the Control Center, we notify our clients ahead of time via email when their storage space is low and/or below 0. This is a courtesy service for all Lightcast packages.
There are plenty of other technical improvements we've made over the past weeks to the benefit of our clients and users. Check them out and let us know what you think. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

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