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Lightcast.com Release Notes for June 12th, 2015

Lightcast.com Release Notes for June 12th, 2015

The Lightcast.com Technical Department is happy to announce some great improvements and tools. See what's new below:

Publishing videos to Facebook:
Facebook released a new API which makes it possible to publish uploaded videos to a Facebook timeline. With the new "Publish this video to Facebook" feature in client accounts, it is possible to deliver videos to a Facebook profile or a Facebook page.
Updates to the LightcastDRM Services 
The LightcastDRM Service allows Publishers to define the level of security, encryption and visibility of their media assets and channels. Some Publishers need maximum exposure and do not want to limit visibility, shareability and accessibility of their media. Industry-standard, basic security level is standard per default for all Lightcast Clients. But some Publishers have a business plan which foresees the sales & distribution of proprietary and copyrighted content and therefore may need to restrict access, shareability and visibility to their content beyond the common level. We released additions to the LightcastDRM which allows Publishers to increase access restrictions even further.

Please note that LightcastDRM is a CDN-side security system and has nothing to do with frontend development of Subscription, PPV offers, or user authentication within sites and apps.

LightcastDRM (LightcastAPI) is available with selected Service Packages. Please review the “Scope of Service” in your Service Agreement to see if it is included in your current service subscription.
Updates to the LightcastAPI Services
The LightcastAPI and Developer Tool is for professional web developers who require dynamic control of their own websites and applications. It is possible to build dynamic media galleries and an endless lineup of applications, using the popular JSON format. This allows for rapid development and deployment of your content, on your own hosted platforms. A variety of new developer tools have been added to allow your web- and app-developers to create feeds, automate publishing and build dynamically generating content on your websites and apps, such as custom thumbnail galleries, player pages, meta-data display, search functions and more. With the extensions to the LightcastAPI you can basically build your own Social Media Platform, your own version of YouTube or vimeo. Your developer’s, product desiger's and project manager’s creative ideas will meet no boundaries! If you can dream, you can now build it!

Got dreams and ideas, but no written concept with specifications and requirements and in need of a product developer and business consultant? Inquire with our Consulting Services.

Got written spec-docs and requirements, but no web- or app-developer who has the necessary experience and can handle it? Inquire with our Development Services.
And last but not least: did you see our latest award winning Lightcast Promo Video? Check it out here: http://promovideo.lightcast.com/.

There are plenty of other technical improvements we've made over the past weeks to the benefit of our clients and users. Check them out and let us know what you think. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

Featured ConnectedTV Channel of the month: 

Junior Sports Channel - Roku Channel

Junior Sports Channel is dedicated to complete coverage of youth sports worldwide, including live events, news , highlights, original shows, documentaries and college scholarship tips.

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