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What type of data can I collect and retrieve via OTT/ConnectedTV Apps?
OTT/ConnectedTV is similar to Broadcast TV in the sense of acquiring additional ... more
What statistics are relevant to my online content?
Generally speaking, in today's high-tech, streaming media world, there are 3 com... more
How does Lightcast.com track viewing stats and bandwidth usage?
It varies by publishing platform, but most devices send feedback to the delive... more
Why are there views for live-streams from Matawan, NJ?
Our Core Datacenter and US Transcoding Farm is located Matawan, NJ. We monitor... more
Can we split the viewing stats by hours?
Yes, you can split your viewing stats by the hour. Go to your Media Stats Cent... more
What do your analytics include?
The Lightcast Media Stats Center includes world map view, area charts, line char... more
If we have multiple channels, are there individualized analytics for each channel?
Yes, both Lightcast’s award-winning "Media Stats Center", as well as each channe... more
The average viewing time of my viewers is higher/lower than expected. How come?
It is virtually impossible to predict viewer habits. While it might be tempti... more
What is the difference between views and viewers?
"Views" are the number of views, meaning connections to your live-stream. "Viewe... more
I am using the video ads service of Lightcast. How can I retrieve the viewing stats of my video ads?
If you are using your own videos - uploaded to one of your Lightcast VOD Channel... more
If watching my iTunes Podcast with a mobile device, to which outlet filter will the views be counted?
When watching your Apple Podcast (Audio or Video) with a mobile device, then the... more
When can we expect the full stats to be added to the Media Stats Center?
The media stats will be displayed within 5 hours after a live event is over, or ... more
Which views are included in the outlet filter "Embedded on Websites"?
The outlet filter "Embedded on Websites" includes statistics from your VOD and L... more
Is it possible to download the stats to a spreadsheet?
It's not possible to download them to a spreadsheet. It is even better: You can ... more
Does the stats for the outlet "Mobile Devices" include also tablets and mobile media apps?
Yes, the outlet "Mobile Devices" includes the stats from tablets (iOS, Android, ... more
What's the average viewing duration of my videos or live-streams?
That's the beauty of our accounting system in Video Minutes. We track each mi... more
How can I find out for how long a particular video has been watched?
You can analyze the stats for a single video by going into your Video Stats C... more
Under which outlet can I find the AndroidTV viewership statistics?
When opening your Media Stats Center, please select the filter “Outlet” under “S... more
Why are the world map and charts in the Media Stats Center not showing up?
The World Map and Charts in the Media Stats Center will not appear if: 1. You ... more