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Video Upload

Is there a way to exclude incomplete uploaded files from the FTP bulk upload?
Incomplete uploaded files can be excluded from the FTP batch encoding process b... more
What happens to my video upload if my internet connection is interrupted?
Lightcast has a built-in "auto-resume" feature that is intended to continue any... more
What is the best file format to upload video files?
The Lightcast Web Uploaders - available in your Lightcast.com account - accepts ... more
Do you offer FTP Batch Upload?
Yes, we offer an FTP Upload Service for all our clients, beside the regular Web ... more
Which video format can I upload to my FTP Account?
h264 encoded mp4 is currently the most commonly used and most recommended standa... more
Why is there a charge for FTP Upload credits?
Each OVP & CDN has its own calculation and pricing structure. Almost all OVPs & ... more
Why does Lightcast transcode the video file I uploaded?
Each video upload is being transcoded and populated for optimized webstream into... more
Why does your Web Uploader have a 3GB limit?
The 3GB limit is the standard file size limits for most web-uploaders (on most v... more
Do you provide a thumbnail gallery for my uploaded videos?
Yes, Lightcast provides several options to display a video thumbnail gallery fro... more
I have other video formats for upload to my FTP Account. How can I change them to mp4?
There is no way around exporting them from your editing suite or transcoding the... more