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Player Customization

With the Lightcast Player, the best choice for website integration of LIVE, VOD and AOD content, you receive a powerful tool to make your media driven website look amazing while getting the message out to your viewers with the latest and most efficient player technology. Not only does the Player look good, but you can customize it in many different ways to fit perfectly into your website's design. You can make it look like your invested a few hundred grand into having your own player developed just for your organization. It is also among the most SEO friendly players on earth. Here is a quick overview of the most popular features of the Player:

  • Color Picker: Choose a unique color of your Player which reflects the color of your brand or website.
  • Playlist Display: Choose between 4 different Playlist displays (Playlist Overlay, Playlist Grid, MediaCenter right-aligned or bottom-aligned.)
  • Custom Player size: Choose if you want a fixed size or responsible size Player which dynamically adjusts to any device.
  • Autostart: Choose if you want the video to begin immediately or only if the viewer clicked on “play”.
  • Watermark: Add your Logo or TV Brand to each video upload and display it on the Player.
  • Chromecast/Apple AirPlay: Make your Player ready for casting your videos to a TV Screen and multiple devices the same time.
  • Logo Icon: Choose your unique logo icon for your Player
  • Embed Options: Choose if you want viewers to re-embed your Player or not.
  • Encryption & Sharing Prevention: Enable Lightcast DRM Level 1 or 2 to protect your media further more.
  • Player Background Image: Upload a unique image which will be displayed on the Player before a video begins to play.
  • Subtitles: Display Closed Captions of any language on the Player.

…and many more features are ready to be explored!

See where most of the player customization features are located: