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Meta Information For Publishing

Last week we focused on meta information for SEO. This week we will point out the importance of meta data for dynamic and automated publishing through your Lightcast Media Management System.

Your meta data will be used to display essential information about your content across all your connected publishing properties, such as on your embeddable Lightcast players, your ConnectedTV/OTT properties, Lightcast Online Media Campus and mobile apps if connected to your Lightcast OVP account. All your meta data such as title, descriptions and custom thumbnails or system generated thumbnails, are delivered via real-time-feeds to every publishing property you connect to your Lightcast OVP account, either by embedding Lightcast players, or by utilizing the Lightcast API and feeds. Of course all websites, social apps, TV Apps and mobile apps developed for you by Lightcast.com come fully connected to your Lightcast OVP account with all your desired media feeds fully integrated. As a result, your meta data entries are essential.

Here is how you can add meta data via your Lightcast account